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About Drudge Siren

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What is this? is a companion site to The Drudge Report that provides e-mail alerts whenever "The Siren" appears at the top of the page.

We can alert you on your email and even your phone. We automatically visit the Drudge Report every 10 minutes and send alerts when a siren is present. We are careful not to send duplicate alerts if the siren is active for a long period of time.

What were you thinking?

Just filling a void...
Being a self-described news junkie, I visit a lot of news web sites on a daily basis. If you love or hate the Drudge Report, you can't argue that he has new stories posted before any other news site. One day I wrote a quick perl script to scrape the Drudge Report for the siren and it would send a SMS message to my phone and email address. Then, a few friends were included on the mailing list and I thought other people would be interested in it as well. Thus, the site was born.

What else is there?

Not Much...
The purpose of this site is simple, be alerted whenever breaking news is occuring. We won't spam you with unnecessary emails or sell your email address. Please re view our privacy policy for more details.